About Me

Katie is a keen writer, academic and soon to be healthcare professional in Imaging and Radiography. With a history of Computer Science, she went on to pursue her interest in Psychology by studying a Masters through Sheffield Hallam University whilst caring for her late father who was living with a terminal lung disease. It was in this time that Katie turned her attention to helping raise awareness of interstitial lung diseases by first completing a dissertation investigating the Psychological Impact of Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Since her Fathers death, Katie has successfully graduted the MSc Psychology course and is keen to continue research by involving her interest of medicine and healthcare in going on to become a Diagnostic Radiographer.

Katie is currently an active member of the Pulmonary Fibrosis news forums and has posted as Health Psychology correspondant for online Psychology source Psychreg. Prior online publications include music and film reviews as well as a local newspaper article highlighting the need for better mental health care.

Her personal interests include reading medical biographies and Scandic crime novels, learning how to craft and sew, travelling the United States and Europe and listening to classical music and symphonic rock bands. At present Katie still lives on the outskirts of the Peak District in Derbyshire where she was raised by her parents. She currently looks after a rescue Siberian Husky called Sasha.

This website is called Ilmatar in honour of the Finnish goddess of air as created in their national epic, the Kalevala. The Kalevala is a compelling piece of Finnish literature that has gone on to define their independence and historical significance.